Participation Policy

I have read the project page and understand what project/activities will be taking place.

For Parent(s)/Guardian(s)

I understand that if my chiId requires medication whilst at the dance sessions/ instructors hold no responsibility for the administration of medication

I consent to any medical treatment on behalf of my child, in the event of an accident if my child is unconscious or unable to respond if I am unable to be contacted in an emergency.


I have read the above carefully and understand the risk of the activity (music, media or dance as defined on the project page) as with any other vigorous activity or sport. I have declared any past or present injury(s) or condition(s) that myself (or my child) may have, and am happy to consent to participation. By the submittal of this form, I certify that I am or my  child is physically able to participate.

I have understood the code of conduct and that Power 2 Creativity CIC excludes all liability for any personal injury, accident, and/or loss or damage to personal property arising out of non-adherence to policies and guidelines which have been issued.

I have read these terms and conditions provided and by my submittal of this form, agree to compliance with them.

*I do hereby release this organisation, board of directors, and its employees, contractors, assistant teachers, and agents from any claim or cause of action which may have occurred as a result of my or child’s participation or my participation in classes or as a result of any medical problems known or unknown which may occur in the future.

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