Film, Video, Audio & Photography Policy

This is to reviewed by the individual(s)/parent(s)/guardian(s) of any person(s) participating in any form of class, performance, workshop or event as organised or facilitated by Power 2 Creativity CIC and/or its associates.

Power 2 Creativity CIC, a company registered in England under company number 11255148 whose registered office is Allia Future Business Centre, London Road, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, PE2 8AN

I  consent to the capture of:

  • still images (photographs)
  • moving images (film/video)
  • audio recordings

I accept that the subsequent use may be in a number of media formats, including but not limited to print, digital and electronic use by Power 2 Creativity CIC, company number 11255148 and/or its associates.

I authorise use in any marketing or promotional campaigns and I understand that media may be made available to the public via the use of the internet and any official Power 2 Creativity CIC websites or social media profiles.

I hereby grant Power 2 Creativity CIC a licence to use material(s) contributed by or containing myself (or the person(s) for which I am responsible) for relevant business and/or marketing purposes via web-based and other digital/print methods.

I understand that:

  • Editing may be required by Power 2 Creativity CIC and/or its associates authorised for quality or technical purposes;

• The image(s) and/or recording(s) will be stored securely in appropriate file formats on servers belonging to Power 2 Creativity CIC and/or its associates


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